Sunday, February 14, 2016

Celebrating Superbowl Sunday

Last weekend was Superbowl Sunday and the stakes were high at the monastery. The Denver Broncos were facing off against the Panthers, and several of the sisters (being native Coloradoans) had a vested interest in a Broncos victory. But of all the Broncos fans in the house, Sister Johnette Sawyer was the leader of the pack.
S. Johnette’s excitement knew no bounds in the lead up to the game. She not only arranged an elaborate Superbowl viewing party complete with beer, wine, and snacks she also organized a cheer squad to parade around the monastery with pom poms singing songs and cheering cheers composed by Sister Benita. I was on the cheer squad, of course. Despite the fact that I have never actually watched an entire football game through to the end, nor do I really understand how football works. All of these were overlooked in favor of my willingness to hold a pom pom and yell “GO FIGHT WIN”.
I invited my German friend Fabienne to the Superbowl viewing party, promising her a quintessential American experience. I don’t think she was disappointed. Some of her most pressing questions included:
Why is this ball is shaped like an egg?
Can you touch the ball with your hands?
What is a down?
Why do Americans like this game?
Luckily we were sitting next to Sister Joan, who very patiently answered all of her (and my) questions during commercial breaks.

For me, I would say the Superbowl was a reflection on community life more than anything else.  The Superbowl party was well attended, despite the generally low interest in the game of football. Even one sister whom I had heard describing the game as “glorified war” showed up for the first half. I think Sister Benita, the head of the cheer squad, summed it up well when she said “I don’t like football. I like community.”

Fabienne at the snack table

Watching the game

Sister Joan explains football

the Broncos' cheer squad

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